Eight tasks for new development stage

Nguyen Bang & Ngoc Tu

Public Relations Division

04:29 PM @ Tuesday - 13 March, 2018

The Labourers’ Conference 2018 of Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex/PLX/Group) opened with splendid music and dance performances by the Military Theatre to celebrate the International Women’s Day (March 8), praise Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and beautiful country, especially for allPLX womenandVietnamese women.

In the joy of early spring days, and on the occasion of the International Women’s Day and90th year of the Traditional Day of Vietnam Revolutionary Petroleum Industry; Petrolimex Board of Management member and Director General Pham Duc Thang, on behalf of the Group’s leadership and the conference’s presidium delivered an opening remark, sending best wishes toPetrolimex blue rosesat No 1 Kham Thien Street and the whole sector.

Taking place in a solemn atmosphere filled with joy atachievements in 2017 (of which a press release was issued), the conference was focused on determining core tasks and solutions for 2018 with the spirit of “creating new drives for development”.

The eight tasks are set for 2018 of the Parent Company – Petrolimex as follows:

* With its role & position, the Parent Company – the leading body of the whole sector – concentrates on closely and drastically directing and managing tasks through solutions determined at the Group’sconference to review 2017 performanceon the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the its establishment (January 12, 2018).

* Successfully organise the PLX Annual General Meeting 2018, and then accomplish resolutions put forward by the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Management.

* Build up a development investment roadmap with the priority solution of automation to improve the efficiency of production and business management and labour productivity in the whole sector.

* Enhance the quality of organising professional relationships among departments and divisions at the Parent Company, and between the Parent Company with Corporations/Subsidiaries in the PLX; determining progress and efficiency of work performance as objective.

* Study and improve the organisational structure of the Parent Company in line with the reality & requirements of development in the new stage – the stage of deeper integration and fierce competition.

* Review and perfect the system of regulations in the direction of increased efficiency of capital use, and apply risk management solutions in line with development goals, realities and current regulations of the State.

* Develop a mechanism and environment to ensure that the labourers can develop themselves, maximise their contribution and are highly effective, and ensure that income and other policies are secured on the basis of job description of each individual/title in each division/department; make adequate work placement and create conditions for advanced professional training for labourers as well as implement the salary and bonus mechanism based on the contribution of each individual, collective.

* Continue bringing into full play grassroots democracy and developing thecorporate culture imbrued with PLX characteristics and identities– serving as a solid foundation to enhance competitiveness, creatingnew drivesfor development with the spirit of “taking you further”.

The Parent Company’s labourers wish and make efforts to work together with all labourers from Corporations/Subsidiaries in the whole system of Petrolimex to determine to develop Petrolimex safely and effectively, maintaining the growth rate in all fields: petroleum, lubricants, gas, maritime transport, insurance, services and engineering - construction and installation, with the immediate objective to compete the 2018 plans and the long-term goal being the development of thewell-known Petrolimex brand, protecting the interests of shareholders/investors, and making a considerable contribution to thenation’s development and integration.

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