New impetus for development

Pham Duc Thang

Board of Management member – Director General

08:38 AM @ Wednesday - 21 February, 2018

The Parent Company - Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex/PLX/Group) held its first meeting in the first quarter of 2018 to determine major tasks to be implemented right from the first days of the new year.

The very first task is to plan activities for the whole 2018 at the Group level, the Parent Company and to focus on the Social Security Fund. The plan must be substantiated through fresh approaches and effective solutions appropriate to the new characteristics in Vietnam of each commodity, market area and development targets.

The four activities that require special attention include: Logistics, fuel mixing, quality and automation. These strengths of Petrolimex need to be further promoted and exploited to produce effects on the basis of the fourth industrial revolution.

Additionally, safety & security works should receive further special and regular attention because these are the cornerstone of the corporate development.

Apart from a considerable investment expenditure for developing the retail system in 2018; leaders at all levels should keep a close eye on building up staff, caring for labourers at petrol stations, who through their own activities in communicating with customers/consumers are creating business effectiveness and making an active contribution to promoting the image of Petrolimex responsible, professional and civilised.

As a leading energy corporation in Vietnam, we have pioneered the trading of two new products across the country, that is: E5 & DO-V. Electronic bill payment has also been successfully applied and will be extended throughout the whole system.

The pioneering work will advance us as the market is rapidly changing in accordance with the world’s production and consumption trends.

The meeting also acknowledged determined efforts to “race against the time” of the whole leaders, managers and employees from the very beginning of 2017, which has brought about encouraging outcomes: We have fulfilled key targets of 2017 set by the Annual General Meeting. Details will be disclosed in accordance with the legal regulations targeting public limited companies listed on the stock exchange and after they are audited.

The highlight of 2017 and also in the development history of Petrolimex is that PLX was successfully listed on the Vietnam’s leading Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE) on April 21, which was warmly welcome by Vietnamese and foreign shareholders/investors. This demonstrates our belief in a bright future as well as in our own transparency; and since then, PLX has become a stock that sees rapid growth in market capitalisation, and become a bright spot of the Vietnam Economic Group.

The Group leaders always appreciate all efforts made to build, protect and develop Petrolimex into a growingly strong enterprise; especially messages and solutions proposed from the grassroots level.

These efforts are non-stop. We always find new impetus to develop in the right direction with increasing professionalism. That is PLX soldiers’ quality that should be further promoted, particularly ahead of the 62th anniversary of the establishment of Petrolimex (January 12, 1956-January 12, 2018) & 90th year of the traditional day of the Vietnam revolutionary petroleum industry (March 13, 1928 – March 13, 2018).

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