B12 Oil Terminal - Modern - Safe - Effective

Hang Thuong

09:38 AM @ Friday - 26 January, 2018

As a historical evidence to have actively participated in all changes of the national economy,B12 Oil Terminal is the nation’s largest petroleum terminal in the North, capable of accommodating 40,000DWT oil tankers; with an average volume of 4 million tonnes of various types of fuels annually. The fuels are then be pumped through given pipelines to storage facilities including Duc Giang Oil Depot (Hanoi), Thuong Ly Oil Depot (Hai Phong City), K133 storage (Hanoi), and K135 storage (Ha Nam). From these wellheads, fuels are transported and supplied to serve the social-economic development and security – defence purposes in northern provinces.

B12 Oil Terminalcame into operation in 1969, under the B12 Petroleum Company – a major petroleum distributor of Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) in the North. The terminal undertakes to ensure sources of energy for socio-economic development, energy security and national reserve for provinces and cities in the North. Together with the management and operation of B12 Oil Terminal, the B12 Petroleum Company manages the tank storage system with a total capacity of 357,200cu.m3 and being connected with a 600km-pipeline running through six cities and provinces of Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh and Hanoi; and a retail network of 120 petrol stations and another 150 agents/general agents.

Well aware of the significance of fuels to the annual social-economic development of the North, the Company has gradually invested into facilities and applied advanced technologies into various phases of management, fuel loading and uploading, storage, and transportation to storages in the system, petrol stations, and so forth. Of note, B12 Oil Terminal is the petroleum sector’s pioneer that successfully applied the technology for automatic commodity loading and uploading. The B12 Oil Terminal’s systems and equipment meet national and international standards: the modern and mobile fire fighting system supported by specialised fire fighting vehicles and powder, and a contingent of trained fire fighters; a system of 1,900m oil spill tracking buoy, standby buoys at three quays with two buoy-pulling tugboats and other devices for sucking and absorbing the oil spilled; wastewater treatment system using biotechnology with a daily capacity of 200cu.m; and the local Department of Natural Resources and Environment’s automated monitoring system installed at the terminal helping directly transmit parameters of water at the Luc River estuary - location of B12 Oil Terminal.

Especially, B12 Oil Terminal is the only terminal in Vietnam with two 3,600 horsepower tugboats which are highly maneuverable and equipped with advanced firefighting devices for rescue, towage and fire extinguishment at sea. The tugboats have been used in many drills and rescue activities in the sea areas of Quang Ninh and Hai Phong..

Bearing such significant roles in mind, B12 Oil Terminal has always abided by legal regulations and international conventions as well as articles stipulated in the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code). The facility has obtained approval of competent authorities of its sea port security and safety dossiers; fire prevention and fighting scheme; environmental impact assessment; and oil spill response plan. Significantly, it’s worth mentioning that B12 Oil Terminal is one of oil terminals internationally-recognised not only in terms of automation rate but also in fire safety, environmental safety and sea port security. Clearly enough, over the past 44 years, B12 Oil Terminal has always ensured safe fuel loading and uploading, whereas the emergency response and rescue facilities have been employed in rescue and training activities, and drills in Quang Ninh Province and Hai Phong besides its major role to serve the terminal.

Safety and security at sea is the top priority and prerequisite for B12 Petroleum Company’s sustainable development. It is convinced that with modernised facilities and devices, B12 Oil Terminal will be a typical representative, and a brand symbol of a nation which is well-prepared to take advantages of any opportunities in international economic integration.

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