Petrolimex supports the community through practical investments and social activities

Supporting social welfare programmes in localities with funds worth some VND 75.2 billion (USD 3.25 million), in which:

Programme on national seas and islands; paying visits to naval soldiers or taking care of families of naval soldiers with assistance up to VND303 million.

Actively participating in the National Fund for Vietnamese Children, Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund, as a member of the Industry and Trade Sector’s Social Fund with total contribution to social and charitable activities of VND 827 million.

  • VND 26.7billion

    Supporting the community in localities

  • VND 1.13billion

    Programme on national seas and islands and the National Fund for Vietnamese Children

Occupational safety and health

Fully comply with regulations on occupational safety and health

Petrolimex’s Division of Occupational Health and Safety

Policies on occupational health and safety at Petrolimex

Petrolimex has carried out numerous policies to ensure labour safety, labour protection for employees in particular working conditions, committing to abiding by labour safety standards and preparing for any risks that might occur.

The Group manages the occupational health and safety work through Regulations on Occupational Health and Safety. Accordingly, each unit must assign one official specialised/partly specialised in the work of occupational health and safety, and establish a Council/Steering Committee on Occupational Health and Safety with members including representatives of employees; Executive Committee of the grassroots-level Trade Union; occupational health and safety staff; and medical staff at business establishments.

Annually, units must build Occupational Health and Safety Plans with contents stipulated in the Regulations on Occupational Health and Safety, including:

  • Technical measures for occupational safety, fire prevention and oil spills (if any).
  • Technical measures for occupational health, prevention of harmful elements and improvement of working conditions (installing a system of ventilation, dust extractors, lights, sound proof dividers, vibration resistance, working environment measurement, etc.).
  • Provide employees with personal protective equipment.
  • Provide healthcare for employees.
  • Disseminate information, educate, and train employees with occupational health and safety knowledge.

Occupational health and safety plans must be built from grassroots-level units such as production groups, divisions and departments; and approved by the grassroots-level Trade Union as well as forwarded to all parties involved to get their opinions.

At the Group level, the Section in charge of occupational health and safety must be responsible for monitoring, managing occupational health and safety activities of the Group’s establishments and units. Plan and organise training courses for occupational health and safety trainers as regulated.

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