Petrolimex accomplishes its role in supplying petroleum and petrochemical products for industrial and consumer usage, serving the cause of social-economic development

In the context of the country’s accelerated industrialisation and modernisation with an aim to build Vietnam into an industrial nation with a modern technical foundation, Petrolimex has consistently performed its role in supplying petroleum and petrochemical products for industrial and consumer usage, serving the national socio-economic development cause. Despite facing difficulties and challenges, the Group has non-stop enhanced its business productivity through practical measures such as: application of science and technology in the management of petrol consumption and fraud prevention; establishing the system of infrastructure, consumption and distribution which meets safety and technical requirements; investing in and upgrading infrastructure system, material and technical foundations of warehouses, terminals, pipelines, and so on.

With a network of petrol stations located in all 63 cities and provinces nationwide, including 2,700 petrol stations owned and operated by Petrolimex (COCO) and more than 2,800 petrol stations owned and operated by dealers (DODO), Petrolimex not only ensures timely supplies of fuel for industrial and consumer usage but creates jobs for 18,300 employees (at the Parent Company and 43 single-member limited liability petroleum companies), contributing to the national economic development, especially in mountainous, remote, and island areas with a high poverty rate such as Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Dien Bien, and Gia Lai provinces among others.

Petrolimex’s total tax

Petrolimex’s tax contributions to the State budget from 2017 to 2019

Petrolimex efficiently manages and uses the petrol price stabilisation fund

In addition, Petrolimex actively contributes to and uses the petrol price stabilisation fund (BOG fund). The management and usage of the BOG fund is stipulated in the Joint Circular No 90/2016 dated June 24, 2016 and the Joint Circular No 39/2014/TTLT-BCT-BTC dated October 29, 2014 by the ministries of Industry and Trade, and Finance. Additionally, abiding by the Decree No 83/2014/NDCP, Petrolimex has always publicised periodical reports on the BOG fund on the Group’s official website at The practice helps with stabilising the common price, controlling inflation, stabilising macroeconomics, maintaining economic growth and social security, creating impetus for sustainable development of Petrolimex in particular and of the whole economy, society and nation in general.

Detailed contributions to the BOG fund as follows:


Unit: billion dong

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