Let’s race against time

Tran Van Thinh

General Director

03:27 CH @ Chủ Nhật - 05 Tháng Ba, 2017

On the threshold of the New Year – Year of the Rooster, as usual we analyse and reassess achievements gained and draw lessons of experience therefrom to make the following policies relevant to the developments of domestic, regional and world markets.

According to the latest data, there are 29 petroleum companies, 120 distributors and more than 14,000 petrol stations of all economic sectors nation-wide.

The figures show an indispensable result of a State-managed market economy which functions in line with the Government Decree No 83. Vietnam is integrating deeper into the regional and world economy.

Petrolimex was initially assigned to supply petroleum and lubricants for the whole nation but now Petrolimex only holds a 50 per cent market share nationally. Petrolimex remains a key fuel supplier in remote and underprivileged areas.

In the latest Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands ranking by the global marketing research firm Nielsen, Petrolimex is among 10 Vietnamese brands that appear in the list and show promising growth.

In certain areas or localities, the number of Petrolimex petrol stations only accounts for 15 per cent but the sale reaches 50 per cent of the total demand in the locality.

Such result is due to Petrolimex brand. And more importantly, that is the all-out effort of each Petrolimex personnel and labourer in all fields.

For Petrolimex, human beings are a fundamental element for sustainable development.Such development is put on the right track with the Party and State orientations, with the demand for socio-economic development of localities, and advanced corporate management of the Group leadership as well as of member companies in each particular field.

We honour good examples such as “Mr. Dan – a security guard”,Mr. Quang Sinh – a communications worker, Mrs. Loan – a competent worker, or Mrs. Thuy Giang who picked up and returned an Iphone 6 to the owner, …. And many more vivid examples are also featured on the website www.petrolimex.com.vn.

We treasure each rice sack handed over to people in the mountainous province of Ha Giang whenever Spring comes, warm blankets for students of Dien Bien District’s boarding school and many more acts of goodwill to show the spirit of “honour the tree that gives you the shelter”, when drinking water - remember its source, the good leaves protect the worn-out ones, a friend in need is a friend indeed,… We honour and bring into full play fine values of the national traditions in building the corporate culture – The Petrolimex Culture.

Time never stops. Major objectives stay ahead. And let’s race against time in order to “Taking You Further”.

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