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Linh Chi

Public Relations Division

09:17 AM @ Tuesday - 05 April, 2022

On March 30, the Parent Company – Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex/Group) organised Workers Conference 2022 in a hybrid format at the Group’s Office at No 9 Dao Duy Anh St., Dong Da District, Ha Noi. 

Presidium of the Workers Conference    
Participants agree with the Conference’s agenda

The Workers Conference witnessed the attendance of representatives from the Group’s Party Committee, Board of Management, Supervisory Board, Board of Directors, Vietnam National Petroleum Trade Union, Youth Union, Veterans Association and whole staff of the Group’s Office. 

The year 2021 continued exerting pressures on the global economy in general and on Petrolimex in particular as a result of the fourth outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and arrival of the new Omicron variant. Lockdowns and travel restrictions between localities and in key economic regions such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai Province, Binh Duong Province, and Da Nang City, among others gravely wounded the national economy with serious consequences. It was also accompanied by the unusual and unpredictable fluctuations in the price of crude oil and other petroleum products when it kept rising since the beginning of the year.

Despite suffering from negative impacts, the Group accomplished targets set for 2021. Total volume of petroleum sold amounted to 12,377,569cu.m/tonne, reaching 101 per cent of the set target; and the whole Group contributed more than VND33,792 billion (nearly US$1.5 billion) to the State budget.  In 2021, the State management agencies strengthened inspection and supervision over petroleum business activities, especially the fight against fraudulent acts, which helped make considerable contributions to the Group’s optimistic performance. 

Petrolimex paid due attention to security, safety as well as the prevention and control of COVID-19, proactively and fully implementing instructions by the Government and competent authorities such as facilitating early vaccination, and providing support for hospitals and medical facilities. The Group contributed nearly VND300 billion (over US$13 million) to the Government’s COVID-19 Vaccine Fund and to the prevention and control of COVID-19 in numerous localities nationwide.

The communications work in 2021 closely followed production and business activities, effectively disseminating the Group’s large-scale projects; particularly the cashless payment programme, and loyalty programme through Petrolimex ID and Switchboard number 1900 2828.

Information technology played a significant role in facilitating corporate governance and administration thanks to the concern of the Group’s leadership. The year 2021 witnessed the robust and effective digitisation of the Group, including the process of rolling out e-signatures at the Parent Company, Petrolimex Hanoi, Petrolimex Saigon, and Petrolimex Quang Ninh; and the application of Business Intelligence (BI), Preventive maintenance (PM) at Petrolimex Saigon; and Service Management Online (SMO) solution, and so on.

Entering 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic remains far from over and continues to develop complicatedly and unexpectedly in each continent and each country thanks to the emergence of new variants. The domestic socio-economic development still faces challenges and difficulties as a result of the prolonged effects of the pandemic over the past two years. These objective factors will directly affect the Group’s production and business activities. 

With a resolve to gain best possible outcome beyond the 2022 production and business objectives, and to uphold the 66-year-long establishment and development of the Vietnam National Petroleum Group (1956-2022), the Group’s Emulation and Commendation Council, the Vietnam National Petroleum Trade Union launched the emulation movements 2022 to the whole staff, encouraging everyone to stay determined to overcome difficulties and challenges and to make all-out efforts to achieve the duties set for the year through activities, namely: Strictly abiding by and well implementing the Party’s guiding principles, lines and policies; the State’s policies and laws; and the Group’s rules and regulations; Emulating to successfully fulfil production and business targets set for 2022, enhancing productivity, output and service quality and business efficiency; Continuously implementing solutions to strengthen competitiveness towards sustainable and effective development;  Emulating to ensure complete safety in all activities; and Building a professional and united  corporate culture environment.

Wrapping up the event, Board of Management member – Petrolimex Director General Dao Hai Nam made a speech, expressing appreciation for the contributions and efforts of the whole staff from the Parent Company – The Group to all Petrolimex member companies and reiterating the fundamental grounds for the strong recovery of the Group in 2022 amidst challenges and pressures in order to guarantee sufficient energy supply. On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Director General pledged to ensure welfare for the labourers to enable the Group’s key labour force feel secure and make joint efforts for the sustainable development of the Vietnam National Petroleum Group.

Efforts of Petrolimex labourers in 2021 paid off with: 01 Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister; 04 Certificates of Merit for Emulation Fighters from the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises; 06 Certificates of Merit for collectives and 14 Certificates of Merit of individuals by the Chairman of the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises. 

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