We highly value the capacity of Petrolimex bitumen supplier

Shinji Kaifuku

Construction Director of IHI Group

09:10 AM @ Tuesday - 09 September, 2014

Mr. Shinji Kaifuku , Construction Director of IHI Group
At the meeting commemorating the establsihment of Petrolimex Petrochemicals Corporation (PLC) and receiving Independence Medal 3rd Class

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m Shinji Kaifuku Construction Manager, from IHI Infrastructure Systems Co., Ltd (or IIS in short), IHI Group, the Main Contractor, Nhat Tan Bridge Construction Project, Package 1. It’s my pleasure being here today to attend your Celebration of 20th year Foundation and Awarding Ceremony of the 3rd class Independence Order.

IHI Group is one of the leading Japanese Corporation in Engineering sector. IIS, our group is major in Engineering, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of bridges, gates, penstock, water pipe bridges and steel structures.

We have taken part in development of more than 4,500 bridges all over the world, including pedestrian bridges, suspension bridges, stay cabled bridge, rigid frame bridge, Girder Bridge etc. in the USA, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Italy and so on.

In Vietnam, our Projects are Binh (Stay Cable) Bridge in Haiphong, completed in 2005 and Nhat Tan Bridge at present, of which the Technical Opening will be on October 10, 2014.

Nhat Tan Bridge has the total length of 3,080 m, Effective Bridge Width of 33.2m.

The Main Bridge, a 1500m long cable-stayed bridge with multiple spans, is very rare type of bridge in the world and it will be one of the longest bridges in South East Asia upon completion. This bridge, the gateway to Hanoi, will also serve as symbol of the 40- year friendship between Vietnam and Japan.

We are making our best to achieve progress in a timely manner. Up to now, 100% of jobs have been completed.

As you know, in recent years, pavement deformation due to overloading vehicles has caused a lot of impacts to transportation and safety. When material proposal for asphalt pavement was submitted, MOT had instructed PMU85, ENG and Contractors to select PMBIII Bitumen. We had to study capabilities of Proposed Supplier very carefully regarding financial, personnel, ISO Management System issues.

During design and construction process, we have received cooperation of ITST, University of Transport and so on for very tight quality control and quality assurance. Many trials had been carried out to make sure the best quality is delivered.

We highly appreciate the Supplier, Petrolimex, providing us with PMBIII and polymer emulsion for this project and also thanks for their concentration and effort in QA/QC of each batch in line with schedule. This is the first time this kind of material has been applied to large scale bridge, and I hope it will be used in future projects.

We trust that, thanks to your good management team, efficient QA/QC system, strong effectiveness, Petrolimex Bitumen will continuously grow up, and Petrolimex petrochemical corporation will promote your position as a Vietnamese trademark worldwide.

We wish you all the best.

Thank you.

Vietnam National Petroleum Group - Petrolimex (PLX)

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