Financing 3,5 billion Dongs to build one hundred "Homes of compassion" for the poor in Gia Lai province

Nguyen Cong Thinh

Deputy Secretary of Petrolimex Gia Lai Youth Union

08:50 AM @ Thursday - 03 January, 2013

Gia Lai December 27, 2012With consent of Petrolimex Group, Northern Tay Nguyen Petroleum Company (Petrolimex Gia Lai) officially signed an agreement with Gia Lai province People’s Committee on financing 3,5 billion Vietnamese dongs to build 100 homes of compassion for the poor in Gia Lai province. This is good news for the ethnic peoples in the province when Spring of New Year 2013 is coming.

Attending the signing ceremony, on the part of the province were Comrade Lam The Tong, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, Mr. Nguyen Van Loc, Deputy Chief of Cabinet of the province people’s committee , leaders of Department for Labour,War Invalids and Social Affairs; on the part of Petrolimex Gia Lai were Vu Huy Tri, President cum Director, Mac Dang Nhon, Chairman of Trade Union and representatives of key positions of the company.

Speaking at the ceremony, comrade Vu Huy Tri emphasized on the efforts made by officers and men of Petrolimex Group in general and of the company in particular in joining the local authority and the peoples in effectively implementing the guidelines of the Party, the State and the government relating to social welfare policies in recent years. He stressed that Petrolimex Gia Lai was always responsible in promoting its business in close relation with social activities, rendering tribute and thanks to heroic deeds in the past, elevating difficult conditions of the poor and ethnic peoples by practical deeds aiming at creating a beautiful and meaningful life of the community.

Also at the ceremony, comrade Lam The Tong, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Gia Lai province highly valued the sense of responsibility and the spirit of “one for all” of the collective staff of Petrolimex. Petrolimex Gia Lai have taken practical works in past years in the task of social security and rendering tribute and thanks to heroic deeds of the past, together with the locality, positively contributing to the work of hunger elimination and poverty reduction on the premise of Gia Lai.

Comrade Lam The Tong and comrade Vu Huy Tri signed the financing agreement amid the joy of Gia Lai province and Petrolimex Gia Lai representatives.

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