JCCP opens 1st course in finance, accounting for Petrolimex

Nguyen Trong Dai

Personnel Division staff

03:28 PM @ Monday - 13 July, 2015

The deputy secretary of Petrolimex Party Committee, Petrolimex Board of Management member and General Director Tran Van Thinh met with the first batch of Petrolimex trainees on July 10 before they leave for Japan to attend a Customized Program in Japan (CPJ) training course in Finance and Accounting Management organized by Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum - JCCP.

Under the framework of long-term training cooperation between Petrolimex and JCCP, the first course which focuses on Finance and Accounting Management (CPJ-1-15) is specifically designed for Petrolimex by JCCP. The training takes place from July 11 to July 25 in Japan.

Fifteen trainees are Petrolimex core cadres in the field of finance and accounting. They will not only acquire thorough knowledge of finance and accounting but also directly visit and study big petrol companies, stations, dock warehouses, and oil refineries in Japan such as JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, Fujitani Oil Inc., and JX Negishi Refinery.

Petrolimex General Director Tran Van Thinh talks to trainees before they leave for the training in Finance and Accounting Management in Japan

Addressing the meeting, Petrolimex General Tran Van Thinh stressed that: “That JCCP customized the training course on Finance and Accounting Management for Petrolimex further affirms the long-lasting and increasingly larger relationship and cooperation between JCCP and Petrolimex. During your stay in Japan, you all must strictly abide by the course’s regulations as well as State regulations on foreign transaction, and preserve and further promote Petrolimex traditional culture and characteristics, and Vietnamese cultural identities. I hope that the success of this training course will create a premise for JCCP to continue specifically designing training courses in accordance with Petrolimex needs in the coming years (besides Marketing and Distribution which have been designed and organized by JCCP in the recent three years)”.

Head of the delegation, Petrolimex Chief Accountant Luu Van Tuyen expresses sincere thanks to the General Director promises to fulfill assigned duties.

On behalf of the Petrolimex staff that join the course, head of the delegation, Petrolimex Chief Accountant Luu Van Tuyen expressed his sincere thanks to the Group’s leadership that have created best conditions for those who are working in the areas of finance and accounting to have opportunities to study in a developed and modern country like Japan. The chief accountant promised to fully comply with the course’s regulations and the State regulations on foreign transactions, and to achieve high study results to better fulfill assigned duties.

Since 2008, about 200 Petrolimex cadres have participated in training courses opened by JCCP and its member companies (Cosmo Oil, Idemitsu Kosan, etc) in Japan, including regular courses (TR), intensive courses (IT), and programs particularly customized for Petrolimex (CPJ) in Marketing and Distribution of Oil Products in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Petrolimex General Director Tran Van Thinh poses for a photo with the trainees

Petrolimex General Director Tran Van Thinh was one of the first Petrolimex trainees participating in a training course held by JCCP in Japan (in 2008). During his recent working visit to Japan, on March 10, 2015 the General Director held talks with JCCP leaders on training and technical cooperation. The General Director recommended JCCP to study, develop and organize a training course in 2015 in finance and accounting management for Petrolimex.

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