PGC Da Nang honored in top 100 outstanding firms

Nguyen Thanh Le

Deputy head of Marketing Department PGC Da Nang

11:36 AM @ Thursday - 09 April, 2015

The Da Nang People’s Committee has granted Petrolimex Gas Joint Stock Company (PGC) Da Nang the title “Outstanding Enterprise” on the occasion of a conference held to review “The Year of Da Nang Enterprises 2014”.

As a leading gas enterprise in the mid-central region, the firm witnessed a share of more than 50 per cent of industrial gas in the total sales before 2010. However, due to difficulties of consumption market, the firm’s major clients that used to use gas as firing fuel to produce ceramic bricks managed to shift to coal gas of lower price in an attempt to cut production cost. Consequently, the company’s consumption output of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) markedly decreased, causing the total sales to go down.

PGC Da Nang shoulders a duty: “to create the highest values for its employees, customers and shareholders”.
PGC Da Nang Chairman and Director Vo Trong Hai

Under such circumstance, PGC Da Nang promptly converted its business direction, targeting to develop civil gas tanks. To that end, the company focused on increasing the commodity quality, attaching much importance to technical services and customer care, strengthening the fight against fake goods, expanding retails and distribution channels, and developing and promoting the image as well as brand name of Gas Petrolimex to customers.

Gas Petrolimex is assessed as a product of leading quality, safe and economical for users, thus, the company’s civil gas tanks have won a complete trust from users in both urban and rural areas. In regard to commercial gas tanks using gas systems, Petrolimex gas tanks take up the majority of gas supplied to collective kitchens, boarding schools, restaurants, hotels, and small and medium-sized industrial production establishments.

As a result of these efforts, despite economic recession and financial crisis, the company has maintained a steady growth with an average increase of total annual sales reaching 5.6 per cent since 2010 to the present, of which gas tanks recorded an average growth of 10.2 per cent annually, making gas tanks account for 86 per cent of the total sales and gains and an increase of over 10 per cent of contribution to the company’s budget annually.

After the company was honored with the title “Sustainable Development Brand” by the Party Committee of the city’s enterprise community, PGC Da Nang was singled out as one of the city’s 100 best-performing enterprises by the Da Nang People’s Committee at the conference to review “The Year of Da Nang Enterprises 2014” for its outstanding performance, active contribution to local community and social welfare activities, adequate compliance with legal regulations and considerable contribution to the municipal budget.

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