Practical movement would be responded

Thuy Ha

02:49 PM @ Friday - 24 January, 2014

Trade Union work is easy or difficult, how to build the worker s movement in the new phase…Vietnam Trade and Industry review (VTIR) would like to introduce the interview with Mr. Dinh Thai Huong, Chairman of Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union.

Q. Sir, this interview is made prior to the new year 2014, If you are pleased, tell us in just one sentence, what would you say?

A. Cordial wish of Happy New Year to readers of VTIR and through VTIR to officers and workers of Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Group/Petrolimex) and the industry and trade sector.. It is my hope that the new year would bring best things to workers and our country.

Mr. Dinh Thai Huong, Chairman of Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union

Q. Is it easy or difficult to deal with trade Union work? What is your deepest impression?

A. Impressions during my work are numerous, however the deepest impression was the mixed emotion when I received the decision of the Corporation (now the Group) assigning me to handle trade union work even when I had been concurrently dealing with trade union activities for many years in the past.

Whether it is easy or difficult, fulfilling the task or not in order to response to the trust of the organization and the workers was imposing hard on me.

When one shoulders the trust of a big organization and workers, one would have no other alternative than to strive to better oneself, to fulfill the task in order to deserve the trust and the assignment.

Q. You are the head of Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union and concurrently a member of the Standing Committee of Industry and Trade Trade Union, a member of the Party Committee Standing Committee, a member of Petrolimex Board of Management, what do you assess Petrolimex activities in the year 2013?

A. In 2013 the Group basically reached the targets approved by Shareholders Meeting for 2013. There were difficulties, there were advantages, but the most important thing was the upholding of Petrolimex collective mettle, overcoming difficulties, and unceasingly emulating in their production and business, keeping an eye on effectiveness as the center.

As you know, together with oil business, there were emulation movement to promote the business of goods and services closely linked with the campaign “Vietnamese prefers Vietnamese goods”. Model examples in this field have been praised and glorified.

Petrolimex has ensured the employment and income for workers, besides big contribution to state budget. In the context of 2013, it was very important.

Q What did you and the Trade Union Committee of Legislation IV take as the core to create the difference and attract the true support of Trade Union members?

A. The functions of the trade union of all levels are regulated in Vietnam Trade Union Regulations. On any equal level, it is the same.

From the actual situation of Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union, I think that if the movement is practical it will be responded. We followed this direction and that makes the difference.

Each and every movement of officers and workers of Petrolimex aims at the goal of developing the enterprise and the righteous and lawful rights of workers.

The content and movement formalities must be clearly mapped out, originating from the actualities of production and business – and this is the most important thing- Next to it is the adherence of professionalism and the education of traditions in order to continue building the image and promoting Petrolimex brand name.

We have the emulation movement of elite sale persons, fire prevention and fighting, environment sanitation, raising business quality: to boost the sale of Petrolimex lubricants, Petrolimex paints, high-grade detergent (JANA), Petrolimex Insurance, and Petrolimex Gas….in Vietnam and overseas.

Next to it, we have social charity movements in which workers voluntarily donate part of their salary and material items to help people in difficult circumstances in the petroleum sector as well as outside.

Thanks to the practicality (in production and business) and humanity (in social charity) of the movement, whenever the campaign is launched it is sympathized and joined by the bulk of workers.

Q. At the time being almost all enterprises are building their enterprise culture, what would you tell about Petrolimex enterprise culture?

A. “ Responsibility- Enthusiasm-Optimism- Trust” with a vision of “To Move Further” . This is the feature of Petrolimex enterprise culture.

Culture is all the spiritual and material values that men create. This is our official and orthodox definition. However, enterprise cultures in different units have their unique colours. It is the result of the interaction that is formed through a certain length of time between the enter[rise, the nation and international community.

To build an enterprise culture of its own colour that serves as a positive factor to the development of the enterprise would be a long process.

In Petrolimex, this process is the inheritance, the follow- up and development of the fine traditions created and maintained by generations of Petrolimex workers over the last 58 years.

Besides, similar to other enterprises of Vietnam, we take initiative in learning and using mankind’s advanced cultures in the new era

Q. Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union has an website with many topics in which “Petrolimex Workers” is placed at the center. According to you, how members of the Group appreciate this?

A. Yes, website places the topic “Petrolimex Workers” at the center of the main page. .

This is in consistence with Petrolimex viewpoint on human importance. Man is the subject of all activities, the decisive factor for the success of the organization, the unit and himself.

Together with the contents on law, policies, regimes for workers, the topic “Petrolimex Workers” depicts typical activities of officers and workers in units in line of Petrolimex.
Appraisal by Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union members is shown by the increasing access to this topic.

I believe news and articles on the web have increasing positive impact on the knowledge, thinking and feeling of Petrolimex workers. This is an important channel to link up workers, to share valuable experiences in their emulation for production, labour productivity and business effectiveness.

Q. Is there anything new in the Trade Union work in 2014?

A. In 2014, although estimates are better there are difficulties and challenges and Petrolimex still has a lot to do to continue building a sustainable -developing Petrolimex and becoming a strong and dynamic economic group.

With achievements and experiences gained in organizing the movement for officers and workers, the year 2014 will see trade unions, members and workers of Petrolimex continue striving on the basis of promoting the tradition of unity and creative dynamic by practical deeds to create generate new force for development with a view to successful integration and actively contributing to the development of Vietnamese working class and the country of Vietnam.

Vietnam National Petroleum Group - Petrolimex (PLX)

Committed to constantly making an effort to go further on the path of development and bring the lives of Vietnamese people and all Petrolimex employees to new heights in the future