PECO: The most modern producer of Oil Dispenser in Vietnam

Phuong Dzung

03:59 PM @ Monday - 16 September, 2013

Tatsuno, the Japanese name is known to the Vietnamese as the most modern and highly accurate oil dispenser in Vietnam.

Petrolimex electronic oil equipment plant at 44 Sai Dong, Long Bien District, Hanoi

Industry and Trade Newspaper:Many people know that Tatsuno oil dispensers produced and distributed by Petrolimex Petroleum Equipment Joint Stock Company but they do not know on what agreement they are produced and by what procedure they are made.

We visited the plant of PECO and would like to introduce to you.

Engineers and workers of PECO assembling oil dispensers

At the time being, PECO is producing two categories of goods.

The first category of 100% Japanese origin i.e. equipment, components, calculating devices and the cover are Japanese made imported by PECO in SKD form. The products have Tatsuno brand name according to The Agreement on Technical Cooperation and Technology Transfer PE/TATSN/NMR-DP/2012 signed on Aug.24. 2012 between Peco-Tatsuno and Nomura. This category consists of models : Sunny-Rex, Sunny-ST, NEO-Sunny and Sunny-XE. The assembly is made according to Japanese experts’ training, instructions, and annual audit in order to guaranty quality and brand prestige.

Next to it, PECO turns out the second category with PECO brand name. These category products have some localized contents: the important items remain from Japan, others are imported from third countries. These category products are marked as PECO1 to PECO5. The quality and accuracy remain assured but the cost is lower which is suitable to some market areas.

Dispenser calibration before delivery

All dispensers are to be inspected and calibrated up to standard before export. PECO is responsible for product quality by mandate from Vietnam General Department of Standard, Measurement and Quality, and subject to the latter’s mandatory surveillance and inspection.

Ministry of Science and Technology Socialist Republic of Vietnam
General Department of Standard, Independence-Freedom- Happiness
Measurement and Quality
No. 2147/QD-TDC Hanoi 30 Oct. 2012


The Director General
General Department of Standard, Measurement and Quality

Proceeding from the Law on Measurement dated 11 November 2011,

Basing on Decision 104/2009/QD-TTg of 12 Aug. 2009 by The Prime Minister of the government regulating the function, duty, power and organizational structure of the General Department of Standard, Measurement and Quality and Decision 46/2011/QD-TTg of 22 August 2011 by the Prime Minister amending and supplementing Decision 104/2009/QD-TTg;

Basing on Decision 20/2006 /QD-BKHCN of 10 November 2006 by the Minister of Science and Technology regulating the recognition of capacity of calibrating measurement devices and Circular No. 12/2011/TT-BKHCN of 30 June 2011 by The Minister of Science and Technology regulating the amendment and supplement of a number of items in the Regulation on the recognition of capacity of calibrating measurement devices published by Decision 20/2006/QD-BKHCN;

In consideration of request of The Director General of Measurement Department,


Article 1. Re-recognize the capacity of calibrating devices by Petrolimex Petroleum Equipment Joint Stock Company ( Address of Headquarter: 84/9 Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi City, Phone 04.38343654) with calibration devices described in the annex of this Decision.

Article 2: In the calibration operation, Petrolimex Petroleum Equipment Joint Stock Company is entitled to use the calibration mark symbol N125

Article 3: This Decision expires in 30 November 2015 inclusive.

Article 4: The Director of Measurement Department, The Director of Petrolimex Petroleum Equipment Joint Stock Company are to abide by this Decision.

The Director General

Ngo Quy Viet
(signed and sealed)
Sub Department for Standard, Measurement
And Quality of Hanoi
The General Department Inspectorate :
Files (Archives and Measurement Department)


(Published as attachment to Decision No. 2147/QD-TDC of 30 Oct. 2012 by The Director General of the General Department for Standard, Measurement and Quality

Sr.No. Name of device Measurement Scope Accuracy Calib.regime

1 Oil Dispenser Max. 70l/min. 0.5% Beginning
After repair

Decision 2147 /QD-TDC of 30 Oct. 2012 by The Director General of The General Department of Standard, Measurement and Quality

That is the reason why the number of oil dispensers produced by PECO to the market is on upswing day by day. Next to the use in Vietnam, PECO has exported to Laos, and is looking for outlet in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

In Vietnam, Petrolimex is the biggest clientele, accounting to 65% Tatsuno oil dispensers produced by PECO, the remaining 35% is distributed to source enterprises like PVOil, PetroMekong, Mipec, Mipeco, Vinacomin….The Peco category is for small customers and private enterprises..

PECO provides after-sale service like repair or maintenance for customers on a 24h/day.

Tatsuno dispenser in a Petrolimex oil station

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