E5 is much talked about, but DO-V is real leader

Thuy Ha

08:27 AM @ Thursday - 04 January, 2018

The new year 2018 is almost approaching with lots of joys and many people being eager to wait for the moment E5 bio-fuel appears in mass, replacing RON 92 petrol, but few people notice that a newer type of oil considered a real leader has made its appearance in Vietnam, that is diesel level V (DO-V).


E5 is actually not new but it’s new. It’s new because it will officially replace the RON 92 petrol across the country.

E5 is proven in three points: The source of crude oil (fossil fuel) is limited; the promoted cultivation of maize, potato and cassava (the raw materials processed into E100 to form E5) will spur agricultural and rural development, make full use of land fund, create jobs and increase farmers’ incomes; The bio-fuel meets the increasingly demand for fuel whilst reducing harmful emissions to the environment.

The three points mentioned above are not only true, but extremely right in a sense that 7 oil price crises in the history have shown the instability of oil prices as who knows it may sometimes jump to a hundred dollar per barrel?

Every country is particularly concerned about energy security, so it’s necessary to make good preparations. Without gasoline, means will only be piles of steel.

The Government, sectors and ministries have decided to put E5 bio-fuel into use to completely replace the RON 92 petrol as of January 1, 2018.
It’s not a prompt decision, but a real roadmap. Old vehicles should not be filled with E5 and can use RON 95 instead as recommended on certain media publications as there is no more time to discuss whether E5 should be used or not.

DO-V, 4 years in advance

There is a total of 16 parameters, but the one worth mentioning here is the content of sulfur. Let’s compare:

Level 5 is diesel 0,001S with sulfur content of 10mg/kg (max)

Level 2 is diesel 0,05S with sulfur content of 500mg/kg (max)

Petrolimex Director General’s Decision 720/PLX-QD-TGD on DO-V selling price as of December 15, 2017

Why do manufacturers always attempt to reduce the sulfur content in diesel?

It is because: (i). Sulfur increases engine attrition; (ii). Sulfur will release toxic gas into tour living environment after explosion. Only these two reasons are enough for diesel manufacturers to improve their technology, invest in equipment to recover a little bit of sulfur in the product.

That a small amount of sulfur content is lessened in diesel demonstrates efforts and advancement for people. The remaining sulfur content in diesel needs the engagement of car manufacturers, so Euro V standards for engines were put forward.

What has become a trend, all manufacturers (fuel and vehicles/machines) have to move forward. The new trend will be E5, diesel level V – which is called Euro 5 in Europe.

Euro 5 is the latest. The Government stipulates the compulsory use of diesel level V in 2020 across the country, similar to the use of E5 currently but now Petrolimex has put it on sale together with E5 since December 15, 2017.

E5, diesel level V- these two new fuels both aim to make our living environment healthier. That is the ultimate goal, but the sooner the better. Breathing in the fresh air will make us fell sound in mind and body.

The Tet 2018 (lunar New Year) is also so close, fill your vehicles with E5, diesel level V, and enjoy a smooth operation of engine for a full celebration of Spring holidays!

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