Petrolimex review of ten years of Fire Prevention Law Enforcement

08:09 AM @ Tuesday - 04 October, 2011


Petrolimex review of ten years of Fire Prevention Law Enforcement

Hanoi September 30th, 2011.This morning, Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation (PETROLIMEX) had a review of ten years of enforcement of Fire Prevention Law.

Present at the review were representatives of the Government, The Public Security Ministry, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Police Departments and Police Bureaus of various provinces, cities and localities of the country, Petrolimex member units and press media.

Vice Director General VUONG THAI DUNG delivered the report on PETROLIMEX enforcement of Fire Prevention Law over the past ten years

Petroleum is a business sector of strict condition and highly flammable and explosive. To secure safety against fire and explosion and protect the environment is one of the most important condition, the fundamental condition for further activities relating to safety and efficiency that bring about success to the enterprise.

With a tradition of more than 50 years of experience of building and development of petroleum as the core business, the contingent of officers and workers of PETROLIMEX of various generations have placed safety work as the foremost attention in their cooperation with the Fire Brigades and Rescue Forces of the Ministry of Public Security, Party Committees and offices of various local levels.

Leaders of Ministries and Branches attended and led the Conference

Vice Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Vice Professor BUI CACH TUYEN

Party Central Committee member, Vice Minister of Public Security, Lieutenant General PHAM QUY NGO

Vice Minister of Trade and Industry HO THI KIM THOA

Vice Chief of Inspectorate of Ministry of Public Security, Major General MA VAN KY

Director General of Police Fire Department , Colonel DO VAN SON

Rector of Fire Prevention University , Colonel DO NGOC CAN

PETROLIMEX Chairman & Director General, Doctor BUI NGOC BAO

Over the past ten years, in enforcing the Fire Prevention Law, PETROLIMEX exerted great efforts and recorded remarkable achievements in the field of fire prevention and Fighting.

First, to systematize the Law, Decrees, Ordinance into procedures, instructions, manuals to be followed within Petrolimex network in the forms of more than 500 documents and papers on safety and environment sanitation, against fire and explosion and for environment protection. Education and propaganda on Fire Prevention in diversified forms to make officers and workers conscious of their own safety, of the assets and infrastructure of the units and the society.

Second, to establish professional fire units in essential petroleum units. Besides, all officers and men in the units were trained and given specific duties in the spirit of turning each worker into a “combatant in the front of fire prevention” . PETROLIMEX has trained more than 2,650 turns of officers/cadres in charge of Fire Prevention, organized more than 1,800 drills and maneuvers involving more than 37,000 people; checked and re-adjusted more than 2,034 fire prevention schemes.

Third, continuously investing in modern and up-to-date fire and environment equipment. To buy insurance of over 20 billion dongs each year covering public indemnity and environment pollution for the network of storage tank system.

Fourth, continuously make scientific research of fire prevention application. Closed petroleum intake/delivery and surplus vapour recuperation at 100% retail outlets have contributed to the reduction of environment pollution and to the control of fire risk due to petroleum vapour; the installation of earth gear of anti static electricity (TD-PTX) (recognized as Petrolimex invent and awarded invention license by the Invention Institute)

Fifth, continuous internal inspection (190 inspection visits by the Corporation, nearly ten thousand visits by company level) and inter-sectoral inspection visits (more than 4,500). Actively and initiatively coordinate with forces of central and local authorities in the same localities to ensure safety for petroleum installations chiefly in festive occasions.

Sixth, active and initiatively join with other forces in the rescue of units other than Petrolimex ones. (Several occasions all over the country)

Besides the achievements gained, the Conference also seriously assessed the shortcomings and weaknesses so as to map out experiences for the coming stage. In this connection, taking Petrolimex as a whole system, the consciousness of fire prevention is not fully widespread, some units are not up to mark in fire prevention investment, the sense of subjectivism and lack of vigilance, although slightly, still exists to some extent. Hence there were some small incidents of insignificant consequence. The Corporation demanded the units involved seriously draw the experience and promptly rectify shortcomings and put fire prevention work in order. Furthermore the Conference also concentrated on defining new arising risks that may involve fire and explosion.

PETROLIMEX defined 7 following points as its focal duties in the time to come:

First: To promote the education and propaganda on Fire Prevention Law, legal documents of the state and of Petrolimex with regards to fire prevention, to safely protect petroleum installations.

Second: To continue improving and finalizing the system of safety technological management and fire safety in the whole sector along the scientific and efficient direction.

Third: Improve, upgrade and set up the contingent of fire prevention officers, good in profession and dedicated in their jobs.

Fourth: Intensify routine inspections, unannounced inspections and self inspections of fire prevention and environment protection.

Fifth: Continue the investment in infrastructure along the line of modernization, technological application, advanced and synchronized equipment in compliance with Vietnamese norms and international standards.

Sixth: Continue to study, complete and standardize the fire models suitable to type and size of petroleum installations. Test the application of technology and modern equipment and try on some automation in some processes.

Seventh: Intensify the coordination with various local levels, police fire fighting forces., local police and people to satisfactorily do the fire prevention work and to protect petroleum installations.

On behalf of Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation, Dr. BUI NGOC BAO, Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman &Director General of PETROLIMEX highly valued the efforts of all Petrolimex officers and workers in the fire prevention work of late and at the same time thanked the offices of the Ministry of Public Security, Party Committees and authorities of all local levels, fire prevention offices for their close and continuous help for Petrolimex to fulfill its fire prevention work, to protect the environment, to ensure the safety for petroleum installations and to fulfill with flying colours the economic and social mission entrusted to Petrolimex by the Party and the government. This is also the most practical deed by Petrolimex and related authorities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing by President HO CHI MINH of the Decree regulating the state management of Fire Prevention Work (Oct. 4th, 1961 - Oct.4th 2011) .

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