Review of 3-year implementation of Resolution 30a/2008 /NQ-CP by the government


08:37 AM @ Thursday - 24 January, 2013

Dong Van 28 November 2012. This morning Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) and the People’s Committee of Dong Van District held a meeting to review 3 year implementation of Resolution 30a/NQ-CP by the Government and signed an agreement of sup[port for the year 2012-2013.

Attending the meeting, there were Petrolimex Party Committee standing member, BoM Member, Vice Director General Vuong Thai Dung, Party Committee standing member, Petrolimex BoM Member, Chairman of Trade Union , Chairman of Petrolimex Social Fund Dinh Thai Huong, Ha Giang Province Party Committee , Secretary of Dong Van District Party Committee Sung Dai Hung, Deputy Secretary of Dong Van Party Committee, Chairman of People’s Committee of Dong Van District Hoang Van Thinh, Representatives of the leadership of branches and departments of Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, Petrolimex Group, Petrolimex Ha Giang and various newsmen and press media of the Party and Government, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Defense and of province and district .

For the last three years, although business faced with difficulties Petrolimex strictly adhered to what it had committed with Dong Van district. An aggregate disbursement of 29,433,000,000 dongs was made, Petrolimex together with Dong Van district carried out the program of getting rid of makeshift houses of 2,839 families, built a new 4-storied school, a canteen, a system of clean water supply for the school, an ambulance and 15 important medical facilities. All articles of agreements were 100% carried out in terms of items, tempo and quality assurance.

The assistance of Petrolimex was assessed by Party Committee, administration and ethnic peoples of Ha Giang as: in focus, effective and “create the confidence of the people in the Party and government”, “gain the heart, the belief and meet the aspiration of the people” . As a result, 2,839 homes are now” safely settled” to ”start a living” , average food volume increased from 336,2kg/head in 2009 to 370kg/head in 2011, average income per head increased from 5.5million dongs in 2009 to 7.2million dongs in 2011; people’s health is better cared, living and teaching-learning conditions are day by day better; families in policy-category and children in difficult circumstances are tended, and they feel more assured.

Dong Van district People’s Committee and Petrolimex share the view that: the economy and social security situation improvement above mentioned , first and foremost, is thanks to Resolution 30a by the government, “the decisive turning point in swift and durable eradication of hunger and reduction of poverty. This great joy is not only for Dong Van people but also for the collective Party, authority, trade union and all staff of Petrolimex”.

Representatives of Petrolimex and Dong Van District People’s Committee signed agreement of support for 2012-2013

Right after the review, Petrolimex BoM Member, Chairman of Vietnam Petroleum Trade Union, Chairman of Petrolimex Social Fund Dinh Thai Huong and the Deputy District Party Committee, Chairman of Dong Van District People’s Committee officially signed the agreement of support for 2012-2013 in which Petrolimex will grant each of 300 poor families one (1) reproductive cow (10million dongs/cow), build the primary high school (2 stories) at Dong Van town, build a lodging house for trainees of Dong Van district political re-training center, build a concrete reinforcement road to the District Medical Station, build a water sup[ply system, continue with the getting rid of 77 makeshift houses… at a total cost of 13,072,000,000dongs.

Dong Van is a poor district due to harsh natural condition, mainly by shortage of cultural land and water for life and planting. Knowing and deeply understanding the difficulties of ethnic minority peoples of Dong Van district, for the past consecutive years, Petrolimex staff had a lot of practical support activities, only in the period from 2005 to 2009, there were 14 gift-giving drives in cash and kind, amounting to an aggregate value of more than 1 billion dongs. With the coming of Resolution 30a by the government, prompted by the aspiration and Petrolimex and Dong Van district, the Government officially approved and assigned Petrolimex the role of main financial sponsor for the policy of quick and durable reduction of poverty for Dong Van district.

With the feeling of love and a sense of responsibility Petrolimex and the People’s Committee of Dong Van district have taken firm steps by steps to turn Resolution 30a of the Government into reality in Dong Van.

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