Sustainability governance

Governance model
towards sustainability

Impact management

BOD has the highest responsibility for sustainability strategy. General Director and Management Departments are responsible for building and implementing goals and plans, sharing and ensuring comprehensive understanding and consistent implementation of sustainable development issues in the Group from the specialized departments to each employee.


Board of Directors

  • Provide general directions on sustainability strategy
  • Approve goals and action plans

General Director in charge of general issues is responsible for following contents

  • Build and submit Petrolimex’s sustainability goals and action plans to BOD
  • Share sustainability strategy, goals and plans of Petrolimex
  • Ensure to achieve sustainability goals as planned
  • Supervise, urge implementation of sustainability plans of the related departments

Functional departments and Employees

  • Functional departments: implement and realize sustainability plans in accordance with orientations of General Director and Management Department
  • Employees: fulfill daily works related to sustainability goals of Petrolimex

Monthly assessments

Monthly recurring, BOM analyzes positive and negative impacts of Petrolimex on society, environment and economy to report to Board of Directors, specifically:

  • Reporting at monthly meeting of BOD
  • BOD’s report will be implemented by collecting written opinions of BOD

Assessment of environmental and social impacts, risks and opportunities

In resolutions, announcements, conclusions of BOD, BOD requests General Director to direct Management Departments and related Line Departments to focus on forecasting, updating and strictly following practical developments of socio-economic-environmental situation in business activities, actively adjust and timely set up suitable, effective solutions to ensure successful implementation of the annual business plan and sustainable business strategy.