Sustainability strategy

Goals of sustainable development in 2022

Improve technique, technology and human resource capacity, follow up IT development trend, automatic business and production process.


Pioneering trading and distributing clean and environmentally friendly energy products, contributing to national energy security and national sustainable development.


Focus on human resource development, improve capacity and professional skills for employees, work out solutions to boost employees’ engagement in the long-term.


Sustainability strategy

New product development strategy

RON 95-V gasoline

At the beginning of 2022, Petrolimex has officially launched Euro 5 standard RON 95 gasoline product (RON 95-V) in Vietnam market with outstanding specifications equivalent to Euro 5 standards. This gasoline product has low exhaust emissions. Besides, Petrolimex also takes the lead in trading Diesel fuel 0,001S-V since 2018.

Launching more low-emission gasoline products such as Euro 6 or even Euro 7, and biological Ethanol and Diesel products

In the coming years, the Group aims to continue launching low-emission gasoline products such as Euro 6 or even Euro 7 (expected in 2025 after these standards are approved). Beside E5 RON92, Petrolimex can increase the presence of biological products in its distribution system including biological Ethanol and Diesel products. These are environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products because plants used as materials for production of biological Ethanol and Diesel products will absorb CO2 released during combustion. However, the biggest challenge for launching these energy products is the unstable supply of input material for production.

Continue the roadmap to launching clean and environmentally friendly products

Following E5, E10 and E85 to RON 92, RON 95 products continue to be promoted according to a roadmap set up by the Government. Petrolimex aims to become Vietnam’s No 1 Group in trading clean and environmentally-friendly energy products by 2030.

EV Battery/charging station

Electric vehicle (EV) will become an inevitable trend in the future. In Vietnam, Vinfast has set up a roadmap for launching EV models in 2021-2023, the demand of EV import is steadily increasing. On the fuel retail platform, Petrolimex only participates in the segment of energy infrastructure for EV, specifically battery services or charging stations. Charging stations also require a clear roadmap appropriate with the demand of use of EV as well as clean energy trend in the future.


Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has become an important component of clean industry in the world. According to studies, combustion of LNG produces less air pollutants, most are clean wastes. Therefore, all countries around the world tend to use LNG as an alternative source of energy now and in the future. Petrolimex has continuously reinforced and strengthened cooperation relationships with its strategic partner ENEOS to conduct research, seek investment opportunities, exploitation and development of this new energy product. In the National Energy Development Strategy of Vietnam till 2030 and a vision to 2045, the Government requires to ensure the capacity of import and distribution of LNG products.

The Group is now doing research on 02 products including LNG and CNG, seeking opportunity to develop terminals and jetties receiving and supplying LNG products to the thermal power plants in Van Phong Economic Zone in the future.

Hydrogen, e-Fuels

Hydrogen is an inexhaustible and environmentally-friendly source of energy. Now, ENEOS - Petrolimex’s strategic partner – is doing research and development of new energy products, renewable energy from Hydrogen. ENEOS has been coordinating with the Government of Japan and other companies to conduct product testing, opening hydrogen supply points for roadway and railway transport vehicles. In the future, the Group can study, cooperate with ENEOS to produce and trade Hydrogen-based products in Vietnam to provide energy to fuel cell electric vehicles.

E-fuels now gain momentum as a new source of energy produced with electricity from renewable sources, water and CO2 from the air. This source of energy can be a partial replacement for existing petroleum fuels in the future, e-fuels can also power cars, airplanes and ships, etc. as an environmentally-friendly energy product. However, the Group can only start doing research on these sources of energy by 2030. If appropriate and convenient, the Group can build factories to supply these products to market by 2040.

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