Specialized News
  • Petrolimex Lubricants Conference in Vientiane:

    High-quality Petrolimex lubricants get a footing in Laos

    05/01/2017 02:21' CH
    Doing business in the Lands of a Million Elephants, Petrolimex in general and Petrolimex lubricants in particular have continued affirming their brand status and prestige in the Lao market.
Cutural & Social Activities
  • Rural bridge inauguration in Ta Keo Vam hamlet, Phi Thong commune, Rach Gia City

    13/01/2017 09:31' SA
    On 08.30.2016, being authorized by the Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex/Group) and the Petrolimex Saigon, Petrolimex Kien Giang (PKC) collaborated with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Commission (Fatherland Front) in Kien Giang province held a ceremony to inaugurate rural bridge in Group 8, in Ta Keo Vam hamlet, Phi Thong commune, Rach Gia City. This is one of the projects funded by the Program's Petrolimex social policy in Kien Giang province Phase II (2014-2018).
Press Coverage on Petrolimex & Petroleum
  • Aviation fuel forum unveils plenty of opportunities

    10/11/2016 03:25' CH
    Through eight years of operation and development, Petrolimex Aviation has affirmed its standing in the mind and heart of customers both at home and abroad. In the coming time, we will continue strengthening the system, non-stop providing training and instruction for officials, and updating latest information on regulations of the aviation fuel sector and market.
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